Rest conversion

Look at the static sites generators for static sites generators using ReSTructured text: Gollum-Site, Handcrank, Hyde, Jekyll, Pelican, Soho, Wok,

  • Docutils contains a basic pack of converters from rst in the tool section: rst2html, rst2odt, rst2latex, rst2xetex, rst2man, rst2s5,
  • rst2odp convert from rst to open office impress odp format.
  • odt2sphinx (Python Software Foundation License) converts OpenDocument Text file(s) to one or several .rst files. It is available on pypi
  • rst2beamer and slides convert from reStructuredText to LaTeX beamer Presentation class.
  • rst2slides rst to html5 presentation, rst2slides demo
  • rest2web is a web site builder from one or many template and content in ReStructured Text.
  • flask-rst create a site from rst content with flask.
  • rst2texinfo by Jon Waltman adds support for generating Texinfo files from reStructuredText. A texinfo buider is now part of Sphinx since v 1.1.
  • You can convert html to rst by using the python program by Aaron Swartz and Chris Liechti, by Antonios Christofides, by Gerard Flanagan available in pypi.
  • You can also use the Haskell program pandoc by John MacFarlane or the web front-end html2x. pandoc command line use is:

    pandoc -f html -t rst input.html > output.rst
  • db2rst (BSD License) from Marcin Wojdyr converts docbook to rst with sphinx markup. It has many forks on GitHub: by Kurt McKee, by Gervase Markham, by Eron Hennessey

  • pandoc can be used also to produce slide shows with S5 or Slidy. (available from markdown, reStructuredText, (subsets of) HTML, and LaTeX)
  • rst2s5 generates S5 presentations from ReStructuredText.
  • landslide is a python program that generate html5 slides from MarkDown or ReStructuredText.
  • tex2_rst_html are python scripts for converting laTeX and Bibtex to ReStructured Text (.rst) and html.


Sphinx (BSD license) is a documentation generator that uses Rest to generate all the python official documentation. I allows generation of HTML in many formats, HtmlHelp, TexInfo, Epub, man page, LaTeX and more.

Sphinx extensions

Sphinx themes

Sphinx has theming support and a collection of builtin themes .